Physical Therapy Can Help You Reduce or Eliminate Chronic Joint Pain

Sep10th 2022

Have your joints been bothering you for a while? You’re not alone. Joint pain affects a staggering number of Americans for a variety of reasons, including chronic pain conditions such as osteoarthritis. If you have chronic joint pain, it is vital that you seek treatment

Allowing your condition to deteriorate may result in future health problems. Make an appointment with one of our certified physical therapists by contacting ​​​Dynamic Physical Therapy & Rehab Services today.

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What is joint pain?

Joint pain is defined as “discomfort, aches, and soreness in any of the body’s joints,” according to Healthline. For some people, chronic joint pain can last for months or even years. The level of pain can range from mild to severe. Depending on your condition, your doctor may refer you to a physical therapist for further evaluation, but don’t worry! You’re not alone; joint is very common.

Joints form where the ends of two bones meet, such as the elbow, knee, and hip. The joint components include a capsule, which is a sac that holds the joint together. It is lubricated with a substance known as synovial fluid. Furthermore, cartilage covers the ends of the bones in the particular joint.

According to WebMD, approximately one-third of adults reported joint pain within the previous 30 days. Knee pain was the most common complaint, followed by shoulder and hip pain. This just goes to show that joint pain can affect any part of your body, and it becomes more common as you age.

The most common causes of joint pain

One of the most common causes of chronic joint pain is arthritis, which includes osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Rheumatoid arthritis is a chronic disease that primarily affects the knees, hips, hands, and wrists. It can cause inflammation, pain, and fluid buildup.

Other factors that contribute to chronic joint pain include:

  • Tendinitis, or tendon inflammation
  • Infections of the bones or joints
  • Injuries caused by overuse
  • Cancer
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Bursitis
  • Bursitis
  • Gout,
  • Influenza and hepatitis

Chronic joint pain is characterized by inflammation, stiffness, tenderness around the joint, decreased range of motion, and limited mobility. If your joint pain lasts more than three months, it may be chronic, and you should see a doctor about it!

The benefits of physical therapy 

A physical therapist is a movement specialist who can help you strengthen your body, increase your mobility, and reduce pain by designing a therapeutic exercise program. Exercising has been shown in studies to provide numerous benefits and improvements in chronic pain treatment. A physical therapist will focus on the area surrounding the painful joint.

The goal is to reduce swelling and pain while also restoring functionality and increasing the range of motion. These manual therapies, according to research, are beneficial for people who suffer from chronic joint pain.

If you have knee pain, for example, your therapy treatment plan will address hip, ankle, and lower back issues and impairments. Your physical therapist will show you how to properly perform certain movements. They may examine your gait to see if your walking pattern is contributing to your pain. All of these elements contribute to proper knee control and mechanics.

Manual therapies will be used to help you move more freely and relieve pain. These techniques may include soft tissue mobilization and joint stabilization. Soft tissue mobilization is a technique for working with muscles, fascia, and ligaments that are done with the hands.

Your physical therapist will thoroughly assess your current condition during your first appointment. This will help them determine the cause of your pain symptoms. They will also inquire about your medical history and any previous events that may have caused discomfort. Following that, you will be given a one-of-a-kind treatment plan that is tailored to your specific needs. Specific stretches and exercises will be performed to improve your range of motion, flexibility, and joint mobility.

Inform your therapist if you experience any discomfort during your treatment! They want you to leave the office in less pain than when you arrived, not the other way around. If you are unable to perform an exercise comfortably, they will know how to modify it so that you can complete it successfully.

For relief, contact Dynamic Physical Therapy & Rehab Services

If you are experiencing stiffness or chronic joint pain, our physical therapists can help. We use research-proven treatments at Dynamic Physical Therapy & Rehab Services to provide immediate relief and assist our patients in returning to their everyday lives. Request an appointment and evaluation with our Glen Cove, NY office today, and get back to living a pain-free life!


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