Neuromotor Re-Education

Everyone has multiple sets of motor skills that allow them to do everyday activities. If someone’s motor skills are compromised or delayed in any way, it can affect their coordination and ability to perform tasks independently.    

If you or a loved one are dealing with issues related to coordination, or having difficulty with everyday tasks such as taking care of yourself, Dynamic Physical Therapy and Rehab Services in Glen Cove and Hicksville may offer guidance and relief. Contact our clinic today to learn more about our neuromotor re-education treatment plans, and how they can help your condition.

What is a motor disorder?

A motor disorder is a condition that affects the way a person is able to control their movements. states that “motor disorders may involve developmental delays and deficits involving fine and gross motor functions. Developmental coordination disorder is manifested by clumsiness and slowness or inaccuracy of performance of motor skills that cause interference with daily living.”

Those with motor disorders may experience abnormal movements of their hands, head, and body. Movements can be rapid and repetitive as well. 

Types of motor skills

Adults with motor related issues typically experience difficulty with everyday tasks such as taking care of themselves, doing housework, or writing.

Gross motor skills

Trouble with gross motor skills causes a person to struggle with walking, running, holding items, or doing anything that requires them to use large muscles in their torso, arms, and legs.

Fine motor skills

Fine motor skills are what allow a person to use the small muscles in their hands and wrists. If a person is having trouble with their fine motor skills, it will show in the way they try to write or pick small items up such as utensils or pens.

Motor planning skills

Individuals who have  motor planning issues  are unable to complete tasks that involve multiple steps, such as preparing food, bathing, or copying the movement of someone else.

How Neuromotor Re-education Can Help

Neuromotor re-education at Dynamic Physical Therapy and Rehab Services consists of therapeutic exercises to help you progress from simple movements to ones that progressively require more control and stability.

Neuromotor re-education helps the nervous system’s ability to communicate to your muscles. This has a positive affect on your overall stability, balance, coordination and ability to function normally.

Here at Dynamic Physical Therapy and Rehab Services, our physical therapists understand and know how to treat a variety of motor issues with neuromotor re-education.

When you arrive at our Glen Cove and Hicksville clinic for an assessment, our therapists will review your medical history, observe your muscle tone, overall mobility, coordination, balance, and other factors that may be affecting your ability to perform certain tasks or movements.

The re-education process can help you to become more efficient in your movements which will also reduce stress on joints and tissues. This can dramatically improve your quality of life as opposed to taking harmful medications for joint pain relief.

With a successful neuromotor re-education plan, you’ll become more confident and ready to face your challenges head on, as well as fully participate in more physical activity.

Contact Dynamic Physical Therapy and Rehab Services today

Neuromotor re-education can help patients with movement issues. You can rest assured that your concerns will be addressed through treatment, and that we will work to create a plan of care that will help to alleviate stress and difficulties caused by a motor-related issue.  Contact our clinic today to learn more and set up a consultation.

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